Air Fence Safety System

Air Fence Safety System

  • A Proven product with over 8 years of production
  • Used in both summer and winter settings.
  • Ask about the info booklet.
  • Sizes Include: 3m, 8m, 12m module system OR custom
    • Proven air protection system that allows absorption of an athlete’s fall
    • Modular system for wall and obstacle protection using the 2″ closed cell padding with banner attachment to cover the joins making for a very safe system
    • Velcro on top and bottom for advertising banners
    • Pads easily attach with Velcro straps for seamless air fencing
    • 1m apron for snow to be piled along edges for extra stability

    Additional Features:

    • Inflates quickly
    • Impact valves on top
    • Available in smaller sizes

    Used for:

    • sharp corners or potential fall zone
    • Protecting spectators, camera men and equipment.
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